Initiated in 2015 with the aim of providing pebble users freedom from the vendor servers (it's ironic that at the time of this writings the pebble servers will be shutdown in a few weeks, but I digress..), Gadgetbridge as of today:

  • issued 129 releases (on
  • supports more than 10 wearable devices by several vendors
  • is translated to more than 25 languages (on
  • successfully appealed one DMCA take-down notice
  • received more than 3300 commits to master branch and counts more than 330 forks (on
  • included (merged) more than 150 pull requests (on
  • has more than 100 contributors (committers, including translators)
  • receives donations by over 30 patrons (on
  • last but not least: it reached 2000 stars (on

In the tech world lately everything seems to be about data and metrics, you might notice that one number is missing in the list above, namely the users' count. We don't have that number and as a free-software, community-driven project we are in the happy situation that we don't have to care for such an indicator either!

As you might have guessed from the title, this post is about celebrating the 2000th star on, which might open interesting new opportunities for the project.

Thanks to an offer announced two years ago and still available - to the best of our knowledge - we will hopefully be able to get an instance of discourse to grow our community even stronger, and to ease the load of the github issue tracker. We are looking forward to having this additional communication channel toward our users and supporters, as well as a platform which is more accessible to non-developers than

Meanwhile, if you want to start contributing but are unsure how to proceed, you can choose one of the issues marked as "help wanted", help us with the translations or become a patron. If your favorite device is not supported, why don't you add support for it?

Closing thoughts and thanks

Special thanks go to the projects, and We are proud to encourage the usage of free-libre software tools and platforms wherever possible, and bringing users in contact with projects they possibly weren't aware of.