We are very excited to announce our completely revamped website!

For a long time gadgetbridge.org was just generated from the README.md in our main Gadgetbridge repository. That was all.

Real documentation was only found in our wiki, which was not exactly easy to navigate or pretty. In addition it was tedious for outside contributors to change the contents of the wiki because it was just not editable for everyone.

This all changed now, thanks to Yusuf Cihan, please check it out!

Yusuf has opened an Issue three months ago, describing the current situation, the shortcomings, and a proposal to use mkdoks to generate a static site, which should be maintained in a new git repo, which is not a wiki and therefore supports pull requests.

He also implemented the proposal while constantly listening to feedback and really make it something, which in the end not only looks really great, but also is much more usable and maintainable.

Finally our DNS records were updated, and gadgetbrige.org is now served though codeberg pages, which is continuously generated though Codeberg's CI.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback during these three months, and thanks again to Yusuf for pulling this off :)

Your Gadgetbridge Team