This has been a very busy but good year for Gadgetbridge, with 21 releases since January 2020. It has been the first year after we have migrated to Codeberg. One of the possible concern of the move has been smaller visibility and loss of contributors, but opposite turned out to be true. The visible favorite "star" data is of course lower - the previously reached star numbers on the GitHub hosting went into several thousands (3600 stars), with 200 watchers and 627 forks and current data on Codeberg shows smaller numbers after the first year: 173 stars, 22 watchers and 86 forks, but we did have larger engagement and number of contributors. Big thank you to everybody being involved with Gadgetbridge now or any time before!

Commits, contributors and changed files

Here is a compiled table for numbers for all the years of the project:

Year Files changed Commits Contributors
2020 1304 1395 121
2019 805 933 107
2018 615 848 120
2017 597 1005 67
2016 421 1138 30
2015 303 970 14
Table was generated with this script (click to see).

    COMMITS="2020 71ab859c921a3352dc2ad17db2ddb187539510ab
    2019 cf870bff8a94b006b4a12b075ba24a1015b865bd
    2018 d570ee864d94d74a8b734a93f1abce3995a71569
    2017 1722a6dc47aeb66fe7f1bb10c5cde931279eabb2
    2016 50cd5b26294c38578077b6ad7e16b88b643711c1
    2015 8dd67b146d09801ae2be20ae818daa92995ec6ad"

    #files changed: git diff 20cf15d91f...master --shortstat | awk -F " " '{print $1}'
    #commits: git rev-list 20cf15d91f...master | wc -l

    echo "|Year|Files changed|Commits|Contributors|"
    echo "|--|--|--|--|"
    for LINE in $COMMITS
        year=`echo $LINE | awk '{print $1}'`
        start=`echo $LINE | awk '{print $2}'`
        files=`git diff $start...$end --shortstat | awk -F " " '{print $1}'`
        commits=`git rev-list $start...$end | wc -l`
        commiters=`git log $start...$end --pretty=oneline --format='%aN' | sort | uniq | wc -l`
        echo "| $year | $files | $commits | $commiters |"

It takes some time to understand Gadgetbridge codebase but we are happy to see so many new people being able to do so. In order to make the process easier, documentation has gradually been improved and the new device tutorial has over time become a good guide for anyone with some coding skills, willing to add new device support into Gadgetbridge.

Pull requests

As for merge/pull requests it is a bit harder to compare, Codeberg shows us 149 merged pull requests this year. The data of contributors and commits between what the Gitea web interface shows for PRs and what git tells us are a bit different, but we go with what we have.


We have 515 currently opened issues in total and many of them stalled, but they contain interesting suggestions, ideas, research, device requests and more, and although "closed issue is still there", somehow we prefer not to close the stalled ones. About 294 of these issues are active. We have closed 162 issues with 132 new issues open in 2020, which is at least a positive trend, leading to a smaller number of open issues.

Contributors and active users

Contributors and active users are the main asset of any project and we are happy to see new people stepping up and contributing with code, which is the most lacking resource we have, as it is a bit easier to help with translations, documentation or bug reports. 132 people have contributed this year and these are people who made a contribution visible via git (code, translation and wiki), but there are also people helping with reporting bugs, managing issues and so on and we are thankful for all their help.

The Matrix chatroom available via Element has also been a nice addition, allowing questions, chats and interaction outside of the issue tracker, currently hosting 220 people. Some people do not prefer the "encryption on" by default, causing some limited visibility of past conversations, but given the history, we are happy with this approach.

One of our biggest concerns has been the gradual decline of contributions from some members of the core team, which has been a big loss. It seems, however, that over time we have been able to gain few permanent helpers and also some drive-by contributors. Hopefully some of them will stick with us for longer time :)

Documentation in wiki has seen many improvements and is a good entry way for any new potential contributors with their first commits.

To make sure we acknowledge all 132 contributors (including wiki editors) of the year 2020, here is a complete list, alphabetically sorted:

115ek, Abdullah Manaz, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos, AiLab, Ainārs, Alex, Allan Nordhøy, Andreas Böhler, Andreas Shimokawa, Andrzej Surowiec, Andy Yang, Anonymous, Artem, Asbesbopispa, Baka Gaijin, Bot, C0rn3j, CE4, Cristian Alfano, Daniel Dakhno, Deactivated Account, Deixondit, Deril, Dmitriy Bogdanov, Dmitry Markin, Dmytro Bielik, Fabio Parri, Florian Beuscher, FransM, Full Name, Gleb Chekushin, Gordon Williams, Hanhan Husna, HenRy, HugoGEORGET, Igor Polyakov, Izzy, J. Lavoie, JF, Jeannette L, Julian Lam, Kintu, KopfKrieg, License Bot, LizardWithHat, Louis-Marie Croisez, Luis zas, Maciej Kuśnierz, Mamut, Marco Alberto Diosdado Nava, Mario, Mario Rossi, Mattherix, Maxim Baz, Memiks, Michael, Michal L, Milo Ivir, Mirko Covizzi, Nathan, Nee Sorry, NicoBuntu, Nikita Epifanov, Nikolai Sinyov, Nur Aiman Fadel, Ondřej Sedláček, Oğuz Ersen, Pander, Pauli Salmenrinne, Pavel, Rafael Fontenelle, Rajesh Kumbhakar, Retew, Roxystar, Samuel Carvalho de Araújo, Saul Nunez, Sebastian Espinosa, Sebastian Obrusiewicz, SnowCat, Szylu, Taavi E, TaaviE, Ted Stein, TinfoilSubmarine, Toby Murray, Unixware, Vincèn PUJOL, Vladislav Glinsky, Vytenis, Yaron Shahrabani, Yukai Li, Zhong Jianxin, andyboeh, angelpup, anonaii, anonymous, bride_salon, ce4, chabotsi, cpfeiffer, dakhnod, fparri, frederic lesur LESUR Frederic, hackoder, homocomputeris, ildar, izzy, ksiwczynski, luca sain, lucanomax, m-p{3}, mamutcho, marclaporte, marco.altomonte, mkusnierz, mondstern, nautilusx, odavo32nof, opavlov, pangwalla, postsorino, rababerladuseladim, rffontenelle, ssantos, t-m-w, taras3333, vanous, vishnu, xaos, zsolt3991, Étienne Deparis, 陈少举

List was generated with this command (click to see).
#in Gb repo:
git log 71ab859c921a3352dc2ad17db2ddb187539510ab...master --pretty=oneline --format='%aN' | sort | uniq
#in wiki repo:
git log b735016...master --pretty=oneline --format='%aN' | sort | uniq

Past and the Future

Work in 2020 has brought support for 15 new devices: JYou Y5, iTag, Fossil Hybrid HR, WatchX(Plus), TLW64, Mi Band 5, Pinetime-JF Infinitime, Sony SWR12 bands, Lefun Smart Bands, Nut, Amazfit Bip S Lite, Amazfit GTR 2/GTS 2, Casio GBX-100, Amazfit Bip U and Amazfit Verge Lite. We are happy to see some open source, open hardware watches finally entering the market and gradually becoming more useful, starting to compete with commercial offerings. Several parts of Gadgetbridge have been reworked including Bluetooth pairing, Sports Activities parsing and displaying, Daily activities, user settings, we gained some more automation possibilities of reacting to button and device events, cleaned up and converted to vector format many icons, fixed many bugs... as per our regular blog posts.

As for the future and what are the plans for Gadgetbridge are, it would be best to hear from our users and even more from people who can contribute changes they would like to see implemented in Gadgetbridge. Also, there are several tasks that need to be tackled related to Android 10/11 changes in permissions so we would be happy to accept contribution in this direction.

We thank you for all your support and hope for another good year while keeping the main promises of Gadgetbridge: Your data about you stays yours. Your conversations forwarded as notifications aren't going anywhere else.