Gadgetbridge 0.20.0 (and 0.20.1) have been tagged and will be on f-droid soon.

We are very excited about the release, since we now officially support the Amazfit Bip. Except for workout and importing GPS data, nearly all features are already working.

We also like to mention that we are accepting donations via Liberapay now. If you like Gadgetbridge, please consider donating in order to sustain Gadgetbridge's development.

Click on the Liberapay button below for more details!

Changelogs for the 0.20.x releases

Version 0.20.1

  • Amazfit Bip: Support icons and text body for notifications
  • Mi Band: Fix setting smart alarms

Version 0.20.0

  • Initial Amazfit Bip support (WIP)
  • Various theming fixes
  • Add workaround for blacklist not properly persisting
  • Handle resetting language to default properly
  • Pebble: Pass booleans from Javascript Appmessage correctly
  • Pebble: Make local configuration pages work on most recent webview implementation
  • Pebble: Allow to blacklist calendars
  • Add Greek and German transliteration support
  • Various visual improvements to charts

Please join us if like Gadgetbridge, help us improve it, add support for new devices, translate it or help with documentation.