Gadgetbridge 0.21.3 has been released on F-Droid (0.21.4 is also ready and will appear on F-Droid after the build and indexing process has finished)

One day after we found out that the Amazfit Bip firmware (included in Mifit 3.1.0) had an English translation inside, we implemented support for switching the language and tagged 0.21.3 right away, making that the only (but important) change in that release.

Then only about 24h later we finally found a solution for bringing activity data parsing for newer Mi Band 2/Amazfit Bip firmwares on par with older firmwares. Thanks to everyone commenting in the issue tracker and describing their observations regaing their activity data! While fixing the code, we found and fixed another ancient issue that resulted in wrong activity data under some cirmcumstances and affected all firmwares,

TL;DR: You can finally update to the latest Mi Band 2 and Amazfit Bip firmwares without loosing sleep detection in Gadgetbridge! ;)

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Version 0.21.4

  • Mi2/Bip: Fix sleep detection for newer firmwares
  • Mi2/Bip: Fix ancient bug resulting in wrong activity data at the beginning in diagrams and aggregate data
  • No.1 F1: Support setting time format and distance units (metric/imperial)
  • Pebble: Support setting distance units to miles for Health (need to reactivate Health in App Manager after toggling)
  • HPlus: Make changing distance unit system effective immediately on toggling

Version 0.21.3

  • Amazfit Bip: Auto-switch language on connect (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese), requires FW