Gadgetbridge 0.22.0 has just been tagged and will show up on F-Droid soon.

This is an exciting milestone, since finally our longstanding background javascript branch has been merged! When enabled, this allows pebble apps and watchfaces to execute the javascript code bundled with .pbw files to be executed on the phone. In pracice this means that a lot of watchfaces will be able to display weather and phone battery status without Gadgetbridge needing special support for specific watchfaces.

In the future it might mean that watchfaces will also be able to fetch information from the internet by using an to-be-developed addon app for Gadgetbridge.

0.22.0 also adds experimental and mostly untested support for the following devices:

  • Amazfit Cor (firmware update completely untested)
  • Mi Band HRX (firmware update not supported yet)

In addition, the release contains bugfixes and improvements for our already supported devices,

Changelog for the 0.22.0 release

  • Pebble: Experimental support for background javascript, allows weather and other features for watchapps without special Gadgetbridge support
  • Add experimental support for Amazfit Cor and Mi Band HRX (no firmware update on the latter)
  • Mi Band 2: Support more icons and textual notifications for more apps
  • Add some quick action buttons to Gadgetbridge's notification
  • Add transliteration support for ukranian cyrillic charaters
  • Fix annoying toast in Mi Band settings