Gadgetbridge 0.26.0 has just been tagged and will show up on F-Droid soon.

The highlight of this release is the added feature that allows to export the activities (workouts) recorded with the Amazfit Bip.

This feature is not perfect yet, but already works quite well. The most notable limitation is that only one track can be synced at a time.

In Gadgetbridge, push the running man icon in the device card and then press the sync floating action button or swipe down. Please note that only one workout will be fetched, you have to sync again to get the next activity and so on, automatic fetching will be added in a later release. Please join our efforts if you can contribute.

All workout types are supported and for outside activities (like Walking, Running, Cycling, ...) that contain GPS data, a GPX file can be exported to your phone or shared with any android application. The GPX file also contains Heart Rate data, if it was recorded.

Please be aware that not every detail of the workout is currently being stored in Gadgetbridge, so if you care about additional information like the calories count, pace, etc. you should keep the activities on the watch.

Further enhancements are related to the weather, the wind speed and direction are now fetched from all the supported sources (Lineage OS weather provider, Omnirom and the Weather notification app) and are forwarded to connected gadgets (where supported).

Changelog for the 0.26.0 release

  • Amazfit Bip: Initial support for GPS tracks
  • Pebble: Wind speed/direction support and bugfixes for weather when using background javascript