Gadgetbridge 0.28.0 has just been tagged and will show up on F-Droid soon.

The highlight of this release is initial experimental support for the ZeTime which was contributed by Sebastian Kranz. Thanks Sebastian!

We also managed to make the Mi Band 3 working with Gadgetbridge starting with 0.28.0 and most features seem to work well already.

Further notable enhancements have been done to the firmware detection code for Bip and Cor to fix problems with the new version scheme.

There might be one point release for the 0.28.x series, but we expect to release 0.29.0 soon, since there is more new device support in the pipeline :)

Changelog for the 0.28.0 release

  • Initial support for ZeTime
  • Amazfit Bip/Cor: Rework firmware detection to cope with new version scheme
  • Amazfit Bip: Support setting language to Russian
  • Amazfit Cor: Support language switching on newer firmwares
  • Mi Band 3: support setting language (english and spanish tested)
  • Mi Band 3: Fix pairing
  • Mi Band 3: Send AQI to enable display of current temperature