Gadgetbridge 0.29.0 has been tagged today and will show up on F-Droid (hopefully) soon.

The highlight of this release is initial support for the ID115 (Contributed by Vadim Kaushan) and Lenovo Watch 9 (contributed by "maxirnililan"). Many thanks to both of you!

We also fixed a lot of bugs and added new features for Mi Band 3, Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor and NO1 F11. Feature-wise, most notable is initial music control support for the Amazfit Cor. We expect that this will also become available on the Amazfit Bip later, but currently it seems to be unsupported by the current Bip firmware.

There are also some visual changes, like the new Mi Band 2/3 icon and a new splash screen.

Overall, outside (non core team) contributions were really great during this 0.29.0 cycle. Keep it coming ;)

Changelog for the 0.29.0 release

  • New Device: Initial support for ID115
  • New Device: Initial support for Lenovo Watch9
  • Show splash screen during startup
  • Vertically align device icon in main activity
  • Try to support the google clock application (untested)
  • Amazfit Cor: Allow to configure displayed menu items
  • Amazfit Cor: Support basic music control
  • Amazfit Cor: Fix flashing font files
  • Amazfit Bip: improved GPX export
  • Amazfit Bip: Fix exported GPX file names for *FAT storage
  • Amazfit Bip: Fix current weather not being displayed with later firmwares
  • Amazfit Bip/Cor: Try to fix device being sometimes stuck in connecting state
  • Mi Band 2: Put some device specific settings into its own settings category
  • Mi Band 3: Support disabling of on-device menu items
  • Mi Band 3: Support locking the Mi Band screen (swipe up to unlock)
  • Mi Band 2/3: New icon
  • NO1 F1: Set time during initialization