Gadgetbridge 0.31.0 has been tagged today and will show up on F-Droid (hopefully) soon.

The highlight of this release are countermeasures against duplicate and re-occurring notifications. This happened with modern chat applications when having multiple conversations at once. For some Gadgetbridge even became unusable because of that.

On the Pebble front, we also have some good news: Wearable actions that are attached to notifications are now all sent to the pebble (not only reply actions). That means you can interact better from your Pebble with some Apps.

Since we did not publish a blog post for the 0.30.0 release, we have attached the changelog of both 0.30.0 and 0.31.0 below.

On a personal note: We have a broken Pebble 2 side buttons that we would like to use on a daily basis again. If anyone with a 3D printer which can print flexible filamet, and is willing to donate new printed side covers (available on, please contact us (all at freeyourgadget dot org). ;)

Version 0.31.0

  • Pebble: Send all wearable notification actions (not only reply)
  • Pebble: Always allow reply action even if untested features are turned off
  • Pebble: Temporarily disable broken autoremove notification feature
  • Amazfit Bip: Allow flashing latest gps firmware (Mili_dth.gps)
  • Mi Band 3/Amazfit Bip/Amazfit Cor: Send Fahrenheit if units are set to imperial
  • Roidmi 3: Fix and enable support
  • Mi Band 3/Amazfit Bip: fix find phone crash
  • Prevent re-sending old notifications to the wearable
  • Enhancement and Fixes for Bengali Transliteration
  • Disable excessive logging in RTL support

Version 0.30.0

  • Amazfit Bip + Mi Band 3: Support for right to left display (configurable) (#976)
  • Add Arabic, Bengali Farsi, Persian, Scandinavian transliteration
  • Add support for some Roidmi FM receivers
  • Mi Band 3: Allow enabling the "Workout" menu item
  • Mi Band 3: Support for night mode configuration
  • Huami devices: fix seldom activity/sports synchronization problem (#1264)
  • Preferences: Make minimum heart rate configurable (lower values will be disregarded)
  • Preferences: Configure minimum time between notifications
  • Preferences: Group language settings
  • Attempt to fix BLE connection issues on Samsung S devices
  • Week sleep and steps charts: display balance (actual value vs. desired value)
  • Live Activity: show current/maximum heart rate, display minute steps and total steps and more improvements
  • Live Activity: fix discrepancy between number of steps in Gadgetbridge and wearable device
  • Fix missing caller ID for incoming calls on Android 9
  • Support for easy sharing of log files via the Debug screen
  • Misc small bugfixes