Gadgetbridge 0.32.0 has been realeased and is already on F-Droid!

The highlight of this release are are initial support for Casio GB-6900B (contributed by Andreas Böhler) and per-device alarms.

Per-device alarms also means that you can use the maximum number of alarms you device supports, no longer limited to three.

The rest of changes are mainly bugfixes and minor improvements.

This release took a bit longer than usual, since some core members where busy with other projects, like working on Codeberg, a new non-profit hosting and collaboration platform, where Gadgetbridge also moved to.

Yep, github is now a mirror for us. We still use the Issue tracker on github and we are still accepting PRs on github - but prefer new PRs on

Also the wiki is now a mirror on github, if you want to help working on documenting Gadgetbridge, please create an account on Codeberg and meet us here.

Version 0.32.1

  • Fix db deadlock on alarm migration

Version 0.32.0

  • Initial support for Casio GB-6900B
  • Increase number of alarms and store them per-device
  • Support factory reset in debug activity (Mi Band 1/2/3, Bip, Cor)
  • Filter out unicode control sequences (fixes problems with Telegram and probably others)
  • Fix endless loop resulting in OOM when RTL support is enabled
  • Recoginize p≡p as an email app
  • No longer display Android paired devices in that were not a paired with Gadgetbridge
  • Amazfit Bip: Allow flashing latest GPS firmware
  • Pebble: Native support for M7S watch face
  • No1 F1: Support for a Chinese clone