Gadgetbridge 0.33.0 has been realeased and will appear on F-Droid soon!

The highlight of this release is that we finally have per-device settings, which are currently used for storing per-device security keys on all Mi Band, Bip and Cor models. This in turn fixes a long-standing security issue, where all devices used the same security key. If you want to be sure that no one else who knows that you are a Gadgetbridge user connects to your device, change your security key by re-paring your device with Gadgetbridge (forget the device in Androids settings and press the + button in Gadgetbridge again to re-pair, data will be preserved). Per-device settings will be used for many settings in the future. This release only laid the groundwork.

We also have new initial experimental Amazfit Cor 2 and BFH-16 support, the latter contributed by Johannes Schmitt!

The rest of changes are mainly bugfixes and minor improvements.

This release took a really long time, since core members are still busy with other projects, work and family. We cannot promise that things get better. So if your PR did not merged, your Issue ignored, don't take it personally.

We also want to remind you that we will move completely to Codeberg this summer. The wiki can already only be updated there, while all wiki changes will be mirrored to github. Please create a Codeberg account, if you want to modify the wiki or if you want your issues/PRs and comments to be properly assigned to you again on Codeberg.

The reason for the move in one sentence: A free project deserves a free home!

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list.

Version 0.33.0

  • BFH-16: Initial support
  • Mi Band 2/3/Bip/Cor: Generate random per-device security keys when pairing, allow manual override to still support multiple android devices connecting to the same device
  • Mi Band 3: Add Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish and Ukrainian to language settings
  • Mi Band 3: Support flashing latest Japanese-Korean font
  • Amazfit Cor 2: Initial experimental support (untested)
  • Pebble: Add pebblekit extension for reopening last app
  • Casio: Bugfixes and improvements
  • Lookup contacts also in work profile
  • Fix searching in application name when blacklisting
  • Remove misleading title from database management activity when no legacy database is available

Version 0.32.4

  • Make voip call support optional (disabled by default)
  • Amazfit Bip: GPX export corrections
  • ZeTime: Fix setting alarms
  • ZeTime: Fix wrong activity timestamps
  • ZeTime: Set HR alarm limits when changed, not only on connect
  • ZeTime: Sync preferences from the watch to Gadgetbridge settings

Version 0.32.3

  • Fix a crash in charts due to a broken German translation
  • Fix a crash when transliterating emoji
  • Amazfit Bip/Cor: Support disconnect notification (must be configured in Bip settings for Cor also for now)

Version 0.32.2

  • Fix setting alarms under some circumstances
  • Support calls notifications for some VoIP apps
  • Mi Band 3: Enable fetching sports activities (currently only useful for flushing activities)
  • Casio: Improve stability
  • Casio: Add explicit support for GB-6900B, GB-X6900B and GB-5600B