Gadgetbridge 0.34.0 has been released and will appear on F-Droid soon!

The highlight of this release is a big refactoring of device settings for Mi Band/Amazfit devices.

Since we support an increasing number of Mi Band/Amazfit devices which almost all have unique feature, it became increasingly confusing how to configure them. Take the Amazfit Cor for example. Some of the settings were in "Mi Band / Amazfit settings", others in "Amazfit Cor settings", and finally some in "Amazfit Bip" settings (historically,because the Bip introduced new features which the later released "Amazfit Cor" also has).

After the refactoring, the device specific sub menus for Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3, Amazfit Bip and Amazfit Cor vanished completely, instead there is a new settings (gear) icon on the device card in the main activity to enter the device specific settings. All changes done there will affect ONLY the single device where the settings are altered. The per-device settings will only show settings which are really supported by the device type. That means, you no longer have to wonder why "turn wrist to change display" does nothing on your Mi Band 3 - you wont even see that setting unless you have a Mi Band 2, and are configuring that.

In addition some of the settings in "Mi Band / Amazfit settings" were also moved to the per-device settings, but this step is not complete yet. I plan to finish that during the 0.34.x cycle.

We also want to remind you that we will move completely to Codeberg this summer. The wiki can already only be updated there, while all wiki changes will be mirrored to github. Please create a Codeberg account, if you want to modify the wiki or if you want your issues/PRs and comments to be properly assigned to you again on Codeberg.

The reason for the move in one sentence: A free project deserves a free home!

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list.

Version 0.34.0

  • Mi Band 1/2/3/Bip/Cor: Migrate many settings to per-device settings (new settings icon in device card in main activity)
  • Mi Band 3: Fix setting menu items with 2.4 firmware and add support for the new timer menu
  • Amazfit Bip/Cor, Casio: Add support for muting incoming calls
  • ZeTime: Remove endless recursion in ZeTime settings
  • Recognize FairEmail notifications as generic email notifications

Version 0.33.1

  • Mi Band 3: Recognize "Xiaomi Band 3"
  • Amazfit Bip: Add German, Italian, French and Turkish to language settings