Gadgetbridge 0.36.0 has been released and will appear on F-Droid soon!

This release accumulates a lot of fixes and small improvements and a few minor new features. Many of which came in with the help of community contributions, special thanks to @vanous who really took a deep dive into Gadgetbridge! There are some contributions which did not make it into 0.36.0 but will be in 0.36.1 which will follow soon.

Also LineageOS 16 weather provider support is back. We lost support after LineageOS had to change some internal naming from cyanogenmod. But integrating their SDK by copying a jar (their recommended way) was never an option for us. Now we bit the bullet and used some dirty tricks like reflection and copying parts of the SDK source files. Not beautiful - but it works without the jar.

The version bump which usually happens after a major new feature landed or a new device is supported this time happened because we now support the Mijia LYWSD02 (Smart Clock with Humidity and Temperature Sensor). A very nice e-Paper device, but unfortunately without any pairing or security. Means everyone can read recorded humidity and temperature. The support only includes setting the time for now - but that saved me from installing Mi Home. And this is what our project is about. Freeing your devices.

As always, we want to remind you that we will move completely to Codeberg this summer/autumn. The wiki can already only be updated there, while all wiki changes will be mirrored to github. Please create a Codeberg account, if you want to modify the wiki or if you want your issues/PRs and comments to be properly assigned to you again on Codeberg.

The reason for the move in one sentence: A free project deserves a free home!

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list.

Version 0.36.0

  • Initial Mijia LYWSD02 support (Smart Clock with Humidity and Temperature Sensor), just for setting the time
  • Mi Band 3/4: Allow enabling the NFC menu where supported (useless for now)
  • Mi Band 3/4, Amazfit Cor/Bip: Set language immediately when changing it (not only on connect)
  • Mi Band 3/4, Amazfir Cor/Bip: Add icons for "swimming" and "exercise"
  • Mi Band 4: Support flashing the V2 font
  • Mi Band 4: Fix weather location not being updated on the Band
  • Mi Band 4: remove unsupported DND setting from settings menu
  • Amazfit Bip/Cor: Fix resetting of last fetched date for sports activities
  • Amazfit Bip: Fix sharing GPX files for some Apps
  • Pebble: Use Rebble Store URI
  • Support LineageOS 16.0 weather provider
  • Add Averages to Charts
  • Allow togging between weekly and monthly charts

Version 0.35.2

  • Mi Band 1/2: Crash when updating firmware while phone is set to Spanish
  • Mi Band 4: Enable music info support (displays now on the band)
  • Mi Band 4: Support setting date format (for built-in watchfaces)
  • Amazfit Cor 2: Try to fix empty menu on device

Version 0.35.1

  • Mi Band 4: Support flashing watchfaces, res and firmware (.ft untested)