As announced almost a year ago, we finally completely to Codeberg on 10th December 2019. Our GitHub repo is archived now, but we will resync it from time to time, so we stay visible there, no interaction will be possible on GitHub though. Please create a Codeberg account, if you want to continue interacting with us. We imported all old issues and PRs. And also assigned comments of GitHub users to their account where known. If you create your account later, we can still re-assign these to your account.

And finally, Gadgetbridge 0.40.0 has been released and will appear on F-Droid soon!

This release adds support for the Fossil Q Hybrid and Bangle.js!

Fossil Q Hybrid support was contributed by Daniel Dakhno. Thanks Daniel!

Bangle.js support came directly from Gordon Williams of Espruino! And marks a special milestone for Gadgebridge. It is the first time that Gadetbridge support was contributed directly from the creators of a device! The Bangle.js is a fully hackable smartwatch with an open source firmware and apps written in JavaScript. For more information visit

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list.

Version 0.40.0 (WIP)

  • Fossil Q Hybrid: Initial support
  • Bangle.js: Initial support
  • Reserve Alarm for Calendar feature restricted to Mi Band 1/2 and moved to per-device settings
  • New icon for App Manager

Version 0.39.1

  • Try to actively re-connect when a connection gets interrupted (interval grows up to 64 seconds)
  • Mi Band2/Amazfip Bip: Make button action settings per-device and enable for Amazfit Bip

Version 0.39.0

  • Amazfit GTS: Initial and incomplete support, mostly untested
  • Add forward/backward buttons to charts for faster navigation
  • Debug: allow to reset last fetch date for Huami devices