Gadgetbridge 0.41.0 has been released and will appear on F-Droid soon.

This release adds support for the JYou Y5 and improved button actions for Mi Band 2 And Amazfit Bip.

JYou Y5 support was contributed by Pavel Elagin in a very old PR we never merged. It was recently found and polished by Da Pa and finally merged! Thank you guys!

Improved button action support was contributed by vanous! It now much easier to setup this feature for music control, and long presses are also supported. Thanks you vanous!

Speaking of the Amazfit Bip, you should check out BipOS which is a patched version of the original firmware which adds the ability to create own apps! Unfortunately depends on non-free tools (free as in beer).

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list.

Version 0.41.0

  • JYou Y5: Initial support
  • Mi Band 2/Amazfit Bip: Redesign button actions for easy music control setup and support long presses on Bip
  • Amazfit Bip: Remove RES file limit (for BipOS)
  • Huami: Automatically toggle alarm switch when toggling on the Band/Watch while in Alarm settings in Gadetbridge
  • Recogize Pixart-Messenger as Chat App

Version 0.40.1

  • Mi Band/Amazfit: Recogize changes when toggling alarm on device (immediately when connected, else when connecting)
  • Mi Band/Amazfit: Fix some bugs with stuck connection when re-connecting
  • Mi Band 4: Support higher MTU for multiple times faster firmware transfer (probably also Amazfit GTR/GTS)
  • Amazfit Cor: Fix setting language to Chinese manually