Gadgetbridge 0.42.0 has been released and is already build by F-Droid.

This release adds initial support support for "iTag" devices, contributed by Taavi Eomäe. Lacking any compatible devices, we cannot really tell you anything about it though ;)

Apart from iTag support, Taavi also contributed various other small fixes and improvements to this release. Thanks!

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list:

Version 0.42.0

  • Initial iTag support
  • Fix indefinitely lasting bluetooth scans when location permission has not been granted
  • Try to stop incoming VoIP call notification when the call is answered
  • Vectorize some icons and add a new Mi Scale 2 icon
  • Mi Band 4: Make high MTU optional, fixes problems on some phones
  • ZeTime: Fix probably broken support (duplicate id used by Fossil)

Version 0.41.1

  • Huami: allow to have alarms without snooze feature
  • Mi Band 2: Properly stop a call notification when text notifications are disabled
  • VoIP calls: ignore notifications with only one action, assuming it is an outgoing call
  • Try to fix notifications from Business Calendar