Gadgetbridge 0.43.0 has been released and will be in F-Droid, god knows when. If she exists.

This release adds initial suport for Fossil Hybrid HR. Again most of the work was contributed by Daniel Dakhno. Thanks Daniel! Unfortunately this device needs server side pairing with the official Fossil app once. The procedure we used to obtain the device specific secret key is complicated and described briefly in our wiki. There might be other easier methods by "cracking" the app but we refrained from trying. Please the wiki read before you decide this otherwise very nice device.

For user-facing changes since the last blog post, check the following list:

Version 0.43.0

  • Initial support for Fossil Hybrid HR (needs complicated key extraction, read wiki)
  • Fossil: Allow switching off the Q Icon and use the default Gadgetbridge icon
  • Fix VoIP call handling during DND
  • Fix find-my-phone for Android 10
  • Huami: Fix crash when calendar event desctription or title was null
  • Huami: Igore all-day events when syncing calendar events

Version 0.42.1

  • Fix accepting/rejecting calls on Android 9
  • Mi Band 3/4, Amazfit Bip/Cor/GTS/GTR: Option to sync calendar events as reminder