Gadgetbridge 0.47.0 has been tagged and will appear on F-Droid soon! As always, this can take a few days.

This release finally has initial support for Pinetime-JF (JF Firmware for the PineTime watch). You can check progress of the JF Firmware here. This initial support is not really usable, it only allows setting the time, displaying PineTime's software and hardware revisions, and seeing notification titles on the watch (without vibration). As the firmware improves, we plan to support new upstream feature as soon as we can.

Further work has been done on improving the Bluetooth pairing activity on all devices. On phones running Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, it’s possible to use companion device pairing. After the device is paired using this method, the device can leverage the REQUEST_COMPANION_RUN_IN_BACKGROUND and REQUEST_COMPANION_USE_DATA_IN_BACKGROUND permissions to start the app from the background. This might provide stability benefit to Gadgetbridge. To take advantage of this pairing method, you must pair the device again, see this wiki article for a step by step procedure.

Many device icons have been re-drawn into vectors, allowing nicer icon rendering, taking advantage of capabilities of modern phones. Also, new icons have been added for additional sports activities.

To be true of it's name, Gadgetbridge added device events, which is a way to utilize events detected on a band or a watch (for example when you fall asleep or wake up) and trigger a custom action on the phone. There are several included media actions, like Play and Pause. Even further, one can also choose to send an Android Broadcast message (this can be customized) and utilize other apps like Easer or Tasker to perform further actions based on this message. So here we have it - gadget events bridging :) This feature is available for all Xiaomi/Huami devices except the Mi Band 1 and 2.

For Sport enthusiasts, we now provide much more comprehensive set of information about sports activities and workouts due to enhanced decoding of data from Xiaomi/Huami devices which support workout modes (all except Mi Band 1 and 2). This allows us to retrieve more data for "Activity/Workout" modes, like biking and treadmill, but also for new activities like Yoga (yes, 🧘...), swimming, jumping rope and others (if supported on the watch/band). Detailed view of each sport activity is giving you very comprehensive set of data about timing, ascending, descending or swimming style, tempo, calories etc, depending on the type of workout. You can also set your own labels and use the Filter to slice and dice the view as needed and then see statistics summary calculation with total duration, distance or calories for the listed/filtered items. Wiki article with pictures here.

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial experimental support for Pinetime-JF (not yet usable)
  • HPlus; Recognize Lemfo SG2
  • Huami: Support events forwarding via intents or direct triggering of certain actions (eg. stop music when fall asleep)
  • Huami: Add Sports Activity Detail screen from decoded sports summary values
  • Huami: Recogize and decode lot more activity (workout) types
  • Amazfit Cor/Cor2: Allow workout syncing
  • Add Sports Activity Summary filtering and statistics
  • Many icons have been re-drawn as vectors, also several new device and sports activity icons added
  • Many improvements to the Bluetooth discovery and scanning
  • Fix crash when opening GPX files