Gadgetbridge 0.48.0 has been tagged and will appear on F-Droid soon! As always, this can take a few days.

Six code contributors and twenty one translators have contributed more then 130 commits to the latest release of Gadgetbridge, bringing support for three new devices:

  • The Sony SWR12 bands
  • Lefun Smart Bands
  • Nut

The Nut devices use the Nordic firmware update protocol (DFU) by using the official nordic library. This enabled us to also use it for other devices like the like the PineTime (InfiniTime), and probably more devices in the future. PineTime InfitiTime firmware's music control, being recently improved, also got improved support in Gadgetbridge. All of the work mentioned in this paragraph was contributed by Taavi Eomäe. Thanks Taavie!

A last minute change also adds experimental and untested support for the Amazfit Band 5. If you have the device, please try it and report bugs!

On the Fossil Hybrid HR front, support for the latest firmware version was added. For testing and debugging there is now a new activity that allows to send and receive files from/to the watch, something you should only try if you know what you are doing, as it might damage your watch, break your fonts or even worse.

After recent regression, the Find your phone feature has been made working on Android 10 again, thanks to previous work on Companion Device Manager pairing support.

Sports Activities detailed view can now be shared as full screen picture, including the intensity and heart-rate chart view.

We have also added initial support for list of activities for each day. These are not based on recorded activities or GPS, but are detected by number of steps and intensity, as recorded. Parameters of the detection can be tweaked in the Charts Preferences. And, in order to calculate and display correct distance from collected steps, step length has been added to the About You menu.

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial support for Sony SWR12
  • Initial support for Lefun Smart Bands
  • Initial support for Nut devices
  • InfiniTime: Improved music support for latest firmware
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Fixes and better support for newer firmwares
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Debug activity for dumping and sending resources to the watch
  • Huami: Improve style of sports activity lists
  • Add sport activity list tab in charts
  • Allow sharing of sports activity summaries as image (full scroll view)
  • Weather: Fix wind speed and direction not being passed properly
  • Fix find your phone feature on Android 10 (need companion device pairing)


  • Amazfit Bip S: Send sunrise and sunset on latest firmware if enabled
  • Huami: Support new firmware update protocol (fixes firmware flashing with firmware on Amazfit Bip S)
  • Huami: Allow flashing latest GPS firmware
  • InfiniTime: Add support for music control
  • Pebble: Fix steps on home screen widget
  • Bangle.js: Fix issue where call state reporting was corrupted
  • Add charts to sport activity summary view
  • Add missing icons for new sport activity types


  • Huami: Add new activity types found in recent Bip S firmware
  • Huami: Many improvements to the activity summary view, including a global view for all devices, filtering per activity type and much more
  • Huami: Prevent generating broken elevation data when they are not sent by the device
  • Amazfit Bip S: Allow flashing more font files and GPS almanac (only cep worked before)
  • Pinetime-JF: Recognize device if it announces itself as InfiniTime
  • ZeTime: Fix weather forecast icons on older firmwares, try to send weather even if no firmware version was detected
  • HPlus: Improve Unicode, notification lenth and weather support
  • Fix warnings and colors for AboutScreen