This release comes just two weeks after the previous version bump, but brings a support for a new device:

  • Casio GBX-100 contributed by Andreas Böhler.

Another important new feature in this release is support for flashing watchfaces for the Amazfit/Mi Band 5. These devices support up to three custom watch faces plus two factory ones. Even though it looks easy then you know how, it took a lot of time and effort to analyze and implement this correctly.

On the user interface side, the Sports Activities got their Dashboard view revamped to better match the design of the recently added Activity List Dashboard. And, utilizing all the work done on our new sortable type of preference widget, the Charts Tabs can now be selectively enabled/disabled and also arranged as preferred by each user, independently for each device.

Also, many important improvements, fixes and also translations have been constantly flowing in thanks to much appreciated help of many contributors!

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial support for Casio GBX-100
  • Mi/Amazfit Band 5: Support watchface installation
  • Mi Band 5: Add missing NFC menu item
  • Casio GB-5600B/GB-6900B: Add configurable disconnect notification
  • Casio: Add support for synchronizing profile settings
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Keep widget values after widget reload
  • Improve Sports Activities dashboard and Filter
  • Bug fixes for notification removal
  • Allow to clear activity labels.