This is the first in many releases without any new Huami/Xiaomi device supported, but still deserved a version bump from 0.54.x to 0.55.0, as we added multiple new device independent features!

Battery logging

People were wondering how their battery discharges over time, so we started logging it since release 0.54. There was just no finished graph to show the discharge over time. This is now ready for release and part of 0.55.0. Just tap on the battery icon in the main activity (aka "control center") and have a look!

Activity list dashboard summary calculation

In the activity list inside the charts activity, there is a new summary button, which shows aggregated statistics over a configurable time. You might find this useful to compare your activity over different time spans and keep you motivated to even improve ;)


As the popular InfiniTime firmware for the PineTime matures and adds new features, we try to support those new features in a timely manner. This time we added Support for call control and incoming call notification. Make sure to update your PineTime firmware regularly, which is possible though Gadgetbridge ;)

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • InfiniTime: Fix music control for newer firmware releases
  • InfiniTime: Support call control and notification
  • Sony SWR12: Fix broken support since 0.53.0
  • Wasp-OS: Fix crash on Android 7 and lower
  • Add activity list dashboard summary calculations
  • Add battery level logging and graph activity
  • Use distinct icons for total step and distance values in widget
  • Flip and scale GPX canvas
  • Try to fix call notification on outgoing VoIP calls