Only one week between releases - and again thanks to contributors, still an impressive changelog. We are currently waiting for F-Droid to sign and publish.

HM25 voltage meters

Daniel Dakhno has contributed initial support for HM25 voltage meters. This was a longstanding PR which we almost forgot about, sorry and thanks, Daniel!

Fossil Hybrid HR improvements

Arjan Schrijver has contributed various improvements for Fossil HR specific code, like fixing missing menu headers in Gadgetbridge and disabling feature that cannot be used on later firmware revisions.

One of the big improvements - tracking and syncing of dismissed notification was actually generic code which also became a feature for the pebble! We had that kind of feature long ago, but is was broken and disabled. Arjan's take seems to work much better. If it leads to problems or is not wanted, it can always be disabled - per device.

Work around permission problems

Many users could not install firmwares from some file managers, with this release many of those problems should be resolved by using requestLegacyExternalStorage. This is probably something that needs more proper fixing in the future, but a workaround is better than nothing ;)

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial support for UM25 voltage meters
  • Pebble: Remove read/dismissed notifications on watch (can be disabled)
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Remove read/dismissed notifications on watch (can be disabled)
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Fixes for running firmware DN1.0.2.20 or newer (disable widget features, currently not supported)
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Fix up/back navigation and add titles to Fossil specific menus
  • Huami: Fix displaying title for calendar events
  • Use requestLegacyExternalStorage in manifest to fix file access problems in some Android 10 roms
  • Add header and chart to each activity in Activity list