This release is mainly containing culmination of work done on support for the Amazfit Neo. That includes support for firmware updating, notifications and also settings. Do note, that after updating the device to with Gadgetbridge, there might be a strange connection issue. What you can do is: keep the watch in Gadgetbridge but remove it from paired devices in Android, then re-add again in Gadgetbridge (although it was still there).

We have enabled ongoing notifications for two popular FLOSS sports tracking apps, OpenTracks and FitoTrack. This allows you to observe notifications of an ongoing activity tracked by these apps right on your wrist. Normally, we block ongoing notifications because these could be emitted many times per second and thus cause fast battery drain and also other possible issues. It is therefore recommended to set the SettingsMinimum time between notifications to a few seconds. You can of course always block notifications of these apps completely via the regular Notification blacklist.

We have created an official mastodon account for Gadgetbridge, you can check it out and follow on

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Fix compatibility for older firmware revisions
  • Amazfit Neo: Implement firmware update
  • Amazfit Neo: Support setting all menu items and fix menu cycling bug
  • Amazfit Neo: Fix notifications
  • Amazfit Neo: Support sound settings
  • Allow OpenTracks and FitoTrack to send ongoing notifications
  • Make transliteration a per-device setting