Thanks to a PR, we recently merged, Gadgetbridge 0.57.0 is the first release which supports the new Mi Band 6. We call support limited, since it does not yet support flashing the firmware or watchfaces and not everything is tested yet. But thanks to your donations we were able to order one, which will (once it arrives) enable us to test and improve device support!

This release also fixes flashing watchfaces on GTR2/GTS2 and probably other newer Huami devices, and adds support for flashing the new AGPS bundles which seem to be mandatory for GTR/GTS/GTR2/GTS2/Bip S with updated firmware versions. While you previously had to flash the GPS almanac and CEP files, with the new bundle format (UIHH), it is possible to flash all needed AGPS files in one go. To obtain the files, we recommend using huafetcher. If you want to play with alternative solutions, we also published code which packs UUIH AGPS bundles here.

Since Gadgetbridge 0.56.2 also was a huge release without blog post, we would like to mention the changes regarding the Fossil Hybrid HR in the last release!

Arjan Schrijver contributed two huge additions for the Fossil Hybrid HR: The possibility to reject incoming calls via SMS, a feature previously only available for the Pebble. Arjan also added support for syncing application icons to the watch - meaning that the watch will actually show a down-scaled gray-scale icon of any app (which looks fantastic for the Element app).

Thanks everyone for your contributions!

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial limited support for Mi Band 6
  • Amazfit GTR2/GTS2: Fix for flashing watchfaces
  • Amazfit GTR/GTS/GTR2/GTS2/Bip S: Allow flashing AGPS bundles
  • Amazfit Neo: Add lift wrist setting
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Restructure settings menus for calibration, file management and physical buttons
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Hide old settings on newer firmwares
  • Improved PineTime/InfiniTime firmware DFU metadata parsing and checks


  • Amazfit GTR2: Improve firmware update support (still partly broken)
  • Amazfit GTR2/GTS2: Prevent emoji transliterating (Seems to support emoji)
  • Amazfit GTS2/GTR2: Fixes for setting menu items (Probably still partly broken)
  • Amazfit GTS2/GTR2: Send wind speed and sunrise/sunset
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Send actual application icons for notification on the watch
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Support dismissing incoming calls with a quick SMS reply
  • Huami: Remove unused calendar slots
  • Huami: Send wind speed in Beaufort for some devices
  • InfiniTime: Add support for battery info
  • InfiniTime: Support title for notifications on firmware 0.15
  • InfiniTime: Implement find device by simulating a phone call
  • Adjust Steps Charts steps values offset to account for large phone screen sizes
  • Make Activity Charts dates move as calendar months and to go to now if jumping past today
  • Make Battery Info time span jump as calendar months and not as days