Amazfit T-Rex Pro has been added to list of supported devices, thanks to a PR by GeekosaurusR3x who added the initial support for this device. Thanks!

We have fixed an issue which was causing incorrect step and sleep count for people in countries who use timezones with 30 minutes off the global timezone grid, for example Afghanistan, Burma, India, Iran, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Users with Android 10 and higher can now utilize separate notification channel for low battery warnings. And, some PineTime owners with InfiniTime firmware who might have encountered an issue with firmware flashing should not experience this problem any more thanks to improvements.

The previous 0.57.1 release has also included some great additions like enhancements the recently added Mi Band 6, including firmware and watchface flashing, Emoji support plus more and also Fossil Hybrid HR improvements.

Thanks everyone for your contributions!

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial experimental support for Amazfit T-Rex Pro
  • InfiniTime: Try to fix firmware upgrade by fiddling with optimization rules
  • Huami: Fix lost samples bug with timezones that are have a 30 minute offset
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Block dangerous intents by default and move some settings to developer settings submenu
  • Improved logging in bonding and tried to recover from weirdness
  • Use a separate notification channel for low battery warnings


  • Mi Band 6: Add Pomodoro to menu items
  • Mi Band 6: Support flashing firmware, res and watchfaces
  • Mi Band 6: Enable Unicode Emoji support
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Move commute actions to device specific settings
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Use Gadgetbridge App Manager (same as Pebble), allowing quick switching of watchfaces and caching apps for later re-(installation)
  • Huami: Send changed weight, birthday and height data to watch immediately
  • Use flexbox layout for icons in device cards, allowing line breaks for small phones