Thanks to x29a, Gadgetbridge 0.59.0 now supports the open source custom firmware for the SMA Q2 done by Emeryth over at The devices features an always on reflective display and four buttons. For those who want a fully open source experience including the the firmware on the watch, this could be an option, along with the bangle.js and PineTime.

For Fossil Hybrid HR users, thanks to Arjan Schrijver (again!!) Gadgetbridge 0.59.0 also has a really cool watchface designer for new firmware versions. Without using the official app, it is now possible to create new watchfaces with a custom background and freely positioned widgets (weather, date, steps, HR implemented so far).

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial support for SMA Q2 OSS firmware (Emeryth)
  • Fix broken UM25 support
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add watchface designer
  • use '_' instead ':' in exported and imported file names to fix problems with some Android versions
  • Fix applying theme as set by the system
  • Try to improve behavior when quitting Gadgetbridge


  • InfiniTime: Support notification for battery level
  • Allow importing GPX tracks via Android Intent/Share system
  • Add option for black background to dark theme
  • BangleJS, WaspOS: Support for transliteration
  • Add missing icons to settings items


  • Pebble: Fix broken app manager (regression from 0.57.1)
  • Bangle.js: Try to fix crash when attempting to load activity chart
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro: Add barometer to menu items
  • Remove battery data when device is being removed
  • Add transliteration to PineTime
  • Debug: Allow adding fake testing devices manually
  • Reduce margin of icons in device_item to keep one row for typical amount of icons