Gadgetbridge 0.60.0 has been tagged and should hit F-Droid in a few days!

As the biggest feature, this release adds support for FitPro devices, which has been implemented by Petr Vaněk. The implementation was tested using an M6 band, but other devices which also work with the FitPro app could now also work with Gadgetbridge. For more details please have a look at the wiki

Noteworthy bugfixes include a fix for a wrong log directory named GB_LOGFILES_DIR_IS_UNDEFINED which confused developers and users for some years now, a connection fix for Casio GBX-100 devices, and a fix for weather on the new Mi Band 6 firmware, which introduced many breaking protocol changes. Implementing the new protocol started with Gadgetbridge 0.59.2, was completed with 0.59.3, and probably completely fixed with 0.60.0.

Thanks to all contributors during this release cycle! And to all the people who continuously provide valuable information and test results.

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial support for FitPro bands
  • Mi Band 6: really fix weather on new firmware
  • Casio GBX-100: Fix connection
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Lower battery level warning threshold to 10%
  • Add ringtone preference setting for find your phone feature
  • Fix a bug where GB_LOGFILES_DIR_IS_UNDEFINED is used as a logfile directory
  • Remove per-device preferences upon device removal (backup your keys if you do that)
  • Exclude not worn sleep times from sleep sessions
  • Add Icelandic and Czech transliteration


  • Mi Band 6: Properly support firmware
  • Mi Band 6: Add Flashlight to menu items
  • ZeTime: Fix corruption on long notifications


  • Mi Band 6: Support firmware (experimental, still missing features)
  • InfiniTime: Fix null being displayed as notification title


  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add power saving feature and many new widgets for the official Gadgetbridge watchface (battery, calories, 2nd TZ, chance of rain)
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Support setting metric/imperial mode
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro: Try to fix some menu items
  • Huami: Re-enable setting the timezone correctly with included DST (fixes world time)
  • Bangle.js: Add functions for pushing bitmaps
  • Bangle.js: Aadd configurable MTU
  • Add Heart Rate measurement screen, accessible via heart icon in device action icons