One of the core team members has provided an initial support for true wireless earbuds Nothing Ear(1). This is the first support of this kind of device in our codebase and it is a perfect fit for an app like Gadgetbridge. Many thanks to Daniele!

Special maintenance tender loving care of this release was devoted to Amazfit Bip U/Pro, with fixes targeting firmware and watchface flashing, Unicode emoji support and language settings (this fixed language settings for many Huami devices).

The Bluetooth enabled USB multimeter UM25 now displays more measured data and the editor for Fossil Hybrid HR watchfaces got the possibility to rotate images, making the user interaction simpler.

Notification management has been moved into a separate settings category and newly allows defining the notification filter to either allow or deny notifications from selected applications. New "Message privacy mode" allows to receive discrete notification with just an icon of the application, which prevents leaking the sender name and/or notification text to your surrounding. On Android 10 and up, the "Hide notification icon" is no longer present in the settings, as it had no effect there.

We also thank to all supporters and translators for their continuous help!

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Initial support for Nothing Ear(1)
  • Amazfit Bip U/Pro: Fix flashing firmware and watchfaces
  • Amazfit Bip U/Pro: Fix language setting
  • Amazfit Bip U/Pro: allow unicode emoji
  • Huami: fix supported languages list on many devices
  • UM25: show more measured data
  • Improved notification management including blacklist or whitelist apps settings or discrete notifications with removed text
  • Fix default daily target distance from 5 to 5000 meters