This might be the last release for 2021, but it is a big one!

This release adds support for two new earphones, the Sony WH-100XM3 and Galaxy Buds Live and also for two another watches of the Casio family, the GBD-200 and for GBD-100 (support of the GBD-100 is untested at the moment).

Apart from that there are several new features and bug fixes across many different devices.

Most notably for everyone with a device supporting step counting, there is a big visual change in the main activity: The device cards will now show steps, distance and sleep data, which eliminates the need to enter the Charts screen when an overview it enough.

The Fossil HR got support for a new custom widget which can be set to display various configurable information. This widget comes bundled with Gadgetbridge and was made for the Gadgetbridge native watchface. Also support for more than one timezone widgets has been added.

Gadgetbridge got support for displaying status and charts of multiple batteries which is useful for earphones, Nothing Ear(1) and Galaxy Buds are the ones which leverage this feature.

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Galaxy Buds Live: Initial Support
  • Sony WH-1000XM3: Initial Support
  • Add support for Casio GBD-200 and untested support for GBD-100
  • Casio: Fix alarm handling on all devices
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add button for removing the watchface background image
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Support multiple 2nd-TZ and Custom widgets
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add support for native DND functionality
  • Nothing Ear (1): Add multiple batteries support
  • Galaxy Buds: Add multiple batteries support
  • Roidmi: New FM Frequency selector with presets
  • Mi Band 6: Try to add Alipay to menu settings, untested
  • FitPro: Support more bands with different bluetooth names
  • Add activity info to device cards
  • Add Nekogram X to Telegram notifications
  • Move location settings out of Pebble menu
  • Sort devices by alias, if available