Support for two new devices has been added - the Casio GBD-H1000 and Hama Fit Track 1900. Both of these additions use existing device implementations and add a new name of the device as chosen by the vendor, allowing more people to use their devices with Gadgetbridge.

Arjan Schrijver worked on a new OpenTracks Controller which allows tight integration between Gadgetbridge and OpenTracks. The main idea is to be able to use OpenTracks as a source of data during workouts (running, walking...). OpenTracks can be started from a device (watch) connected to Gadgetbridge, activity is tracked in OpenTracks and OpenTracks provides information about activity duration, speed and so on to Gadgetbridge, who sends it back to the watch. At the moment, only the Fossil Hybrid HR provides full integration into it's Workout app. Huami devices (Mibands, Amazfit) with a button that allows usage of the Button actions can use this via a new Action: Fitness app tracking start. Current limitations of this OpenTracks Controller are:

  • OpenTracks can only be started at the moment
  • data about workout is not used for Huami Activities/Workouts in the watch/band

Fossil Hybrid HR implementation has received additional improvements which allows better support for button customization (allow to disable the button) and for widget editing (try to guess position of the widget).

Mi Band 6 now allows syncing alarm details from the watch to Gadgetbridge. If you change the alarm time on-device (even while being disconnected), Gadgetbridge will also reflect the changes. This was previously alread done for Amazfit Bip U and others, but the implementation was more difficult for the Mi Band 6.

The improved XWatch support now supports calls, messages and apps notifications.

Improvements have also been done to the Bangle.js implementation - Gadgetbridge now handles battery charging status and some battery chart issues were fixed. Fix for "no incoming call notification" has been added but it seems that this fix is not final, see more details here.

Many thanks to everyone for their contributions and support!

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list:


  • Add basic support for Casio GBD-H1000
  • Add support for Hama Fit Track 1900 - via FitPro device support
  • Add OpenTracksController for interactions with OpenTracks
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Start/stop track in OpenTracks from GPS workout on watch
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Try guessing new widget position
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Allow assigning no function to a button
  • Add Huami button/device action to control fitness tracking via OpenTracksController
  • Mi Band 6: Sync alarms set on the watch like on Amazfit Bip U and others
  • Bangle.js: Handle battery charging status and fix battery chart.
  • Bangle.js: Prevent exception in case UART RX line is empty
  • Bangle.js: Add repetitions in alarm JSON
  • WaspOS: Fix battery chart.
  • WaspOS: Add condition code to weather JSON
  • XWatch: Add notifications and calls support
  • UM-25: Make cumulative values resettable
  • VESC: Fixed crash when loading a saved value
  • Allow to open Android notification settings from Notification settings
  • AutoExporter changes for better operation and troubleshooting
  • Change Nightly icons background color