Our small group of Gadgetbridge contributors has been very busy in the past several weeks and the changelog of this new release really shows it. Today, Gadgetbridge is bringing support for some new devices together with features, bug fixes and improvements to existing devices and the app itself.

Initial support for Mi Band 7, for devices that use Binary Sensor Service and for Fossil/Skagen Hybrid HR 38mm watches

Mi Band 7 has been out and José Rebelo has worked hard to bring initial support for this new smart band. The device support is at the moment still somewhat limited but it is getting better over time. See this wiki page for details about currently supported features and also for list of known issues.

Daniel Dakhnod has provided support for devices that use Binary Sensor Service, for example for his firmware for nRF51.

And last but not least, hackoder (thank you very much!) has brought in support for yet another group of Fossil/Skagen Hybrid HR 38mm watches.

Active re-connection

In this release we have fixed few issues related to automatic re-connection. This is related to all devices supported by Gadgetbridge.

Notable improvements

Amazfit Bip U fitness tracking with GPS data from the phone has been tested and is now enabled. Amazfit Neo and Mi Band 4 device implementations have received wave of adjustments and improvements.

Fossil Hybrid HR widgets (complications) can now be toggled with a physical button and can also have circle background.

Bangle.js can now start Android Activities via Android Intents.

InfiniTime for PineTime should handle step fetching and counting a bit better from now on.

If you are paying attention to your daily step goals, the Steps per month screen now provides an icon to open Steps Streaks - a new screen that allows you to see your current and longest series of days without interruption with the daily steps goal reached, as well as your total achievement rate. See more details in our wiki.

Steps Streaks

For all user-facing changes since the previous blog post, check the following list :)

Thank you to José, Daniel, Arjan and Andreas for all the ongoing work and involvement and many thanks to all others for their contributions and support!


  • Initial Support for Mi Band 7
  • Initial support for devices using Binary Sensor Service
  • Mi Band 4: Enable heartrate activity monitoring support
  • Mi Band 4: Enable activate display on lift sensitivity setting
  • Mi Band 6: Enable password support
  • Mi Band 4/6, Amazfit Bip U: Enable sending GPS coordinates to band during workout
  • Mi Band 4/6, Amazfit Bip U: Enable start fitness tracking on phone when workout starts on band setting
  • Amazfit Neo: Support hourly chime which was added in firmware
  • Amazfit Neo: Fix daily steps goal and notification
  • Amazfit Neo: Fix heartrate sleep detection setting
  • Amazfit Neo: Enable heartrate activity monitoring support
  • Amazfit Neo: Fix alarms setting to "unused" on connect.
  • Bangle.js: Make text as bitmaps have transparent background, and allow font size to be specified
  • Bangle.js: Allow starting Activities on the Android device
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add support for Hybrid HR 38mm watches
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add optional circle backgrounds to widgets
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add toggling of widgets with physical button event
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add missing physical button options
  • Fossil Q Hybrid: Fix config activity after multi-device merge
  • InfiniTime: Fixes for steps count sync
  • Add steps/sleep streaks screen
  • Add French transliteration
  • Refactor file logging initialization logic
  • Add alert to Log Sharing if logging has not been enabled yet
  • Fix crash on some phones for find android device (add fallback tone)
  • Fix regression since 0.68.0 with active auto connect