Initial support for Amazfit GTS 3, for Fossil Hybrid Gen6 and for Flipper Zero

Initial support for Amazfit GTS 3 has been provided by Codeberg user sedy89. This is based on the recent addition of support for the Mi Band 7 and thus has similar set of features and limitations, see the wiki page here.

Daniel Dakhnod has provided support for the Fossil Hybrid Gen6 watches, extending the list of supported Fossil Hybrid devices even more. Daniel has also worked on support for the Flipper Zero, an open source multi-tool for pentesters and geeks.

This is absolutely awesome, many thanks! Such contributions are unlocking the door for others with these devices to poke deeper and to further improve the initial device support.

A note to Android 4.4 users of Gadgetbridge - this is our last release with KitKat support

We have tried to keep support for Android 4.4 KitKat for a very long time. This required some extra work and code sometimes, and it also kept us from using Java 1.8 language and library features. But until nowm we have felt that we should not stop supporting it, as there might still be some KitKat users out there (according to Wikipedia, 1.47% of Android devices still run KitKat). We have however realized recently that we (unintentionally) broke KitKat supportin our 0.68 release in July 2022 and that there has not been a single report about this from the Gadgetbridge user base. Based on this, we have decided to end support for KitKat and make Android 5.9 (Lollipop) the oldest Android version supported by Gadgetbridge. If you are a KitKat user, we are sorry. It is time to move on.

Device support improvements

Huami device users who experienced issues with notifications vibration since last update can rejoice, the issue is fixed in this release and their wrists can now vibrate to their heart content. :)

Mi Band 7 support has been getting additional fixes and improvements, like preventing crashing when transmitting data with non-ascii characters, adding support for watchapps and so on.

Bangle.js has gained the possibility to use calendar names and color.s

Fossil Hybrid HR with latest firmware allows to set custom shortcut also for the middle button.

InfiniTime users should now be able to experience more stable firmware updates.

General app improvements

Heart rate measurement intervals can now be configured individually for each connected device. Skype notifications should again be sent to the watch (even though the app indicates opposite). Notification settings allow to set notification text to be send to the device in full length (if available). Notifications are now also left with line-breaks and with spaces and tabs (white space characters), to keep formatting as it was.

Many thanks to everyone for their contributions and support!

For all user-facing changes of this release, check the following list:


  • Initial support for Amazfit GTS 3
  • Initial support for Fossil Hybrid Gen6
  • Initial support for Flipper Zero
  • Huami: fix default vibration pattern
  • Huami: Enable vibration patterns for all compatible devices
  • Huami: Improve large firmware zip file handling
  • Bangle.js: Fix null pointer issue if headers not supplied for HTTP request
  • Bangle.js: Support calendar color and name
  • Mi Band 7: Fix crash if reminder, calendar or canned messages contain non-ascii characters
  • Mi Band 7: Fix NPE when acknowledging that icon was sent
  • Mi Band 7: Fix and enable firmware upgrades
  • Mi Band 7: Support for watchapps
  • Amazfit Neo: remove 1 hour heartrate interval (not supported)
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Fix watchface redraw after powersave and after wrist flick
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Enable configuring middle long press on FW 3.0 and newer
  • InfiniTime: Fix firmware update
  • Make heart rate measurement intervals configurable per-device
  • Add option to ignore low priority notifications
  • Fix Skype notifications
  • Prefer long notification text by default
  • Prefer big text when scraping gmail notifications
  • Do not remove newline and whitespace characters from notification content
  • Debug: Add companion device list to debug activity