Almost two month between major releases, but the wait is over, and Gadgetbridge 0.76.0 (and 0.76.1 which mostly fixes regression) has been released!

This time we did not only add support for new Amazfit devices (Bip 3 Pro, Bip 5, Cheetah, Cheetah Pro, Bip 5, Falcon, GTR Mini, T-Rex Ultra) and a new Casio watch (GW-B5600), but also multiple completely new devices from previously unsupported manufacturers:

  • Bohemic Smart Bracelet
  • Garmin Vivomove HR
  • Withings Steel HR

You might also notice that we switched the UI to Material 3, which also adds support for dynamic color themes. We hope you like the new fresh look of Gadgetbridge.

Another cool addition is Catima support! Gadgetbridge can now communicate with Catima and send Loyalty card straight to Zepp OS devices (Bangle.js support will be in the next release). This feature was created in collaboration wit Sylvia from Catima! If you haven't yet, please check out Catima from F-Droid.

The well-supported Huami/Zepp OS devices received a lot of bug fixes, and as a notable new feature, charts for PAI.

But it is not only Huami, Bangle.js, Inifitime, Fossil/Skagen, Sony Headphones and LeFun device also received fixes and improvements.

For a complete list, as always, please refer the the Changelog, which list all user facing changes since the last release

Thank you for your continuous support, and we hope you will like Gadgetbridge 0.76!



  • Amazfit GTR Mini: Mark as not experimental
  • Bangle.js: Improve file downloads
  • Bangle.js: Fix app interfaces
  • Allow text to be shared to devices
  • Fix connection to some Amazfit devices


  • Upgrade UI to Material 3 and add dynamic colors theme
  • Initial support for Amazfit Bip 3 Pro
  • Initial support for Amazfit Cheetah Pro
  • Initial support for Bohemic Smart Bracelet
  • Initial support for Casio GW-B5600
  • Initial support for Garmin Vivomove HR
  • Initial support for Withings Steel HR
  • Experimental support for Amazfit Bip 5
  • Experimental support for Amazfit Falcon
  • Experimental support for Amazfit GTR Mini
  • Experimental support for Amazfit Cheetah (Round/Square)
  • Experimental support for Amazfit T-Rex Ultra
  • Amazfit GTS 2e: Add activate display on lift sensitivity
  • Amazfit GTR 3 / GTS 3: Enable AGPS Updates
  • Amazfit Neo: Enable PAI support
  • Bangle.js: Allow enable/disable of alarms
  • Bangle.js: Fetch activity data
  • Bangle.js: Fix GB integration when watch is not programmable
  • Bangle.js: Put JSON keys in quotes
  • Bangle.js: Reorganize device settings
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Embed custom menu in watchface, fixes lost menu on reset
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Fix unused alarms being pushed to the device
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Strip unicode characters that the watch can't display
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Sunrise/sunset follows weather location
  • Huami/Zepp OS: Add PAI charts
  • Huami/Zepp OS: Improve music info stability
  • Huami/Zepp OS: Improve reconnection and device initialization
  • Huami: Persist workout raw details even if gpx has no points
  • InfiniTime: Add heart rate measurement support
  • Mi Band 5: Fix activity fetch error toast when stress monitoring is enabled
  • Mi Band 6: Enable PAI and stress support
  • LeFun: Fix heart rate popup when measurement is triggered from phone
  • Sony WH-1000XM3/WF-SP800N: Add volume setting
  • Sony WH-1000XM5: Fix speak-to-chat enable/disable
  • Zepp OS: Add loyalty cards integration with Catima
  • Zepp OS: Enable AGPS updates for all devices
  • Zepp OS: Fix calendar sync on Zepp OS 2, send event location
  • Zepp OS: Fix reminder creation
  • Zepp OS: Fix shortcut cards setting on Zepp OS 2.1
  • Zepp OS: Fix weather, add hourly information
  • Zepp OS: Map barcode types for ITF, PDF_417 and DATA_MATRIX
  • Add preference to display changelog on startup
  • Add Termux RUN_COMMAND permission
  • Allow filtering notifications from work profile apps
  • Fix daylight saving time not being transmitted to the watch
  • Fix media button control for some applications
  • Fix notification filters by title if notification does not contain a body
  • Fix opening screenshots from notification on external apps
  • Fix reconnect delay reset after all devices are initialized
  • Fix some security error crashes when permissions are not granted
  • Fix transliteration of emoji
  • Fix transliteration of non-ASCII accented characters
  • Force gps speed calculation on some phones that do not report it correctly
  • Make application list sorting case-insensitive
  • Introduce native app shortcuts for android > 30
  • Update device settings action bar title depending on current screen