Gadgetbridge 0.80.0 has been tagged (waiting for F-Droid to build).

After about a month after the 0.79.0/0.79.1 releases we are happy to announce the release of 0.80.0.

There is currently a steady stream of contributions, that it seems to make sense to aim for monthly releases while still having a lot to announce. Unfortunately, we did not find time to do a proper 0.79.0/0.79.1 announcement, so this blog post will mainly about 0.80.0, but still list the full changelog of 0.79.0/0.79.1.

0.80.0 adds support for the following devices:

  • Amazfit Bip 3
  • Huawei Band 8
  • Huawei Watch GT 4
  • Huawei Watch Ultimate
  • Sony LinkBuds
  • Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active

For 0.79.0/0.79.1 the following devices were newly supported:

  • Huawei Watch Fit
  • Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3
  • Honor Magic Watch 2
  • Mijia MHO-C303
  • Nothing CMF Watch Pro
  • Sony WI-SP600N
  • Redmi Watch 2 (experimental)
  • Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro (experimental)
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro (experimental)
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 (experimental)
  • Xiaomi Watch S3 (experimental)

While this is an impressive list, there are a lot of under-the-hood changes that bring improvements and bug fixes to various (or all) supported devices.

For 0.80.0 there are a lot of Bangle.js fixes and improvements and the ability to sync activity tracks. Also an important PR was finally merged, which scans for Bluetooth devices in the background and only try re-connecting to devices that were actually discovered. This also fixes problems with devices that cannot be paired in android, and therefore needed to trigger an annoying manual scan from the android settings. This feature is experimental, and therefore disabled by default. Please test it and let us know if you have any problems using it!

As always, thank you for your support, your code contributions, donations and feedback!

For more details please refer to the following changelog for the releases since the last blog post on 0.78.0


  • Initial support for Amazfit Bip 3
  • Initial support for Huawei Band 8
  • Initial support for Huawei Watch GT 4
  • Initial support for Huawei Watch Ultimate
  • Initial support for Sony LinkBuds
  • Initial support for Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active
  • Bangle.js: Allow saving files on phone from watch
  • Bangle.js: Fix crash when file save is cancelled
  • Bangle.js: Set filename on save file dialogs
  • Bangle.js: Improve communication stability
  • Bangle.js: Sync activity tracks
  • Bangle.js: remove unwanted charaters from calendar events
  • Femometer Vinca II: Add temperature charts
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Remove activity fetching toasts and add finished signal
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Use steps instead of calories for activity intensity
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Mark device busy and show transfer notification while syncing
  • Huami/Zepp OS: Fix activity sync getting stuck sometimes
  • Mi Band 1/2: Fix vibration settings preference screens
  • Huawei: Add cycling workout type
  • Huawei: Add smart wakeup interval
  • Pebble: Fix pairing with LE counterpart
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro: Add temperature charts
  • Xiaomi: Fix sleep sync failing when sleep stages are not found
  • Xiaomi: Improve activity sync
  • Nothing CMF Watch Pro: Fix music playback status
  • Allow for device settings sub-screens
  • Device connection: Add support for scan before BLE connection
  • Misc UI improvements (alarms, chart settings)


  • Initial support for Huawei Watch Fit
  • Initial support for Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3
  • Fossil/Skagen Hybrids: Fix crash on multi-byte unicode characters in menu
  • Huawei: Add weather support
  • Bangle.js: Support higher MTU
  • Test Device: Add fake features and data
  • Periodically (around every 2 days) synchronize time on connected devices
  • Set alarm as used and enabled if time has changed


  • Initial support for Honor Magic Watch 2
  • Initial support for Mijia MHO-C303
  • Initial support for Nothing CMF Watch Pro
  • Initial support for Sony WI-SP600N
  • Experimental support for Redmi Watch 2
  • Experimental support for Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro
  • Experimental support for Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro
  • Experimental support for Xiaomi Watch S1
  • Experimental support for Xiaomi Watch S3
  • Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Fix recognition of some versions
  • Huawei Watch GT 2: Fix pairing
  • Redmi Smart Band Pro: Fix password digits
  • Pebble: Fix app configuration page
  • Pebble 2: Fix pairing issue
  • PineTime: Fix weather forecast on InfiniTime's new simple weather
  • Xiaomi: Fix sleep sometimes extending past the wakeup time
  • Xiaomi: Request battery level and charging state periodically
  • Xiaomi: Fix sleep stage parsing for some devices
  • Zepp OS: Improve device discovery
  • Zepp OS: Fix weather not working on some devices
  • Zepp OS: Prevent crash when installing large firmware updates
  • Fix sport activity summary group order
  • Fix reconnection to devices failing occasionally