Gadgetbridge is an Open Source Android app for interacting with smart watches, smart wristbands, and other gadgets.

This post explains why we create this app and why you should consider using it.


Gadgetbridge does not upload your personal data anywhere.

Other apps often require you to create an account at one or more companies and provide personal data like your name, email address, age, size, weight, and more. Smart gadgets then track your daily activity, e.g.

  • when you wake up
  • when you take a shower
  • when/how you go to work/school/...
  • when/if you do sports
  • when you go to bed
  • what you're doing in bed

Sometimes they even track your location, so they even record where exactly you go partying at night before waking up late next day.

All that data is then uploaded to someone you don't know. Every day. And they can do pretty much everything with your data.

Some people may be fine with this. We also like these gadgets, but we think that much of their functionality can be used without requiring you to upload all your data.

Gadgetbridge is FLOSS

We love Free/Libre/Open Source Software. Unlike most other apps for interacting with today's gadgets, you can have a look at how Gadgetbridge communicates with the gadgets. By being able to look at the code

  • you can be certain that your data will stay your data
  • you can learn how controlling such gadgets works
  • you can verify that there is no hidden treasure (tojan) in the app

You can also make changes to the source code to

  • add new features
  • support new gadgets
  • change some thing that annoys you


And last, we create Gadgetbridge because it is fun!

So, join us at :-)