Gadgetbridge is an Open Source Android app for interacting with smart watches, smart wristbands, and other gadgets.

Interacting means

  • alerting about notifications by message display/vibration/LEDs for chat messages, mail, calendar events, weather, location, ...)
  • handling responses
  • tracking fitness data (activity, steps, distance, heart rate, calories, ...)
  • tracking and visualizing your sleep
  • configuring alarms
  • control the music player
  • installing apps on the gadgets
  • updating the firmware
  • live activity display
  • and more

Obviously the available features depend on feature set of the actual devices. At the moment the following devices are supported

  • all Pebble smart watches
  • all Mi Bands
  • HPlus devices (e.g. ZeBand)

Support for further devices is in the works.

Privacy of Your Data

The data tracked with Gadgetbridge is stored in Gadgetbridge only. It is not sent or synchronized anywhere, unless you manually export it.


Download Gadgetbridge from F-Droid and install it on your Android phone or tablet.

The source code, issue database and wiki documentation is available at

Development and Community

Gadgetbridge is a collaborated effort. Please join us and

  • translate Gadgetbridge to further languages
  • spread the word and grow the community
  • help other users
  • add new features
  • improve the UI
  • add support for new devices
  • fix issues


See here for some reasons why we create Gadgetbridge and why you should consider joining us.


Gadgetbridge is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL (AGPL) 3.0.